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Living & Loving in Uncertain Times

Online / Phone Counseling and Coaching

Personal and Relationship Retreats in Mexico 

Johanina Wikoff, Phd. 

& Andy Milberg

Therapy, Counseling, Coaching & Retreats

Johanina and Andy are a couple and seasoned therapeutic coaches who have helped people make breakthroughs in their lives and relationships for 40 years.


They've evolved an integrative approach to healing and transformation that supports people who are serious about change.

Andy & Johanina - Conference

Discover the true joy of living and loving!

Online & By Phone

Online & By Phone

Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Get the Guidance and Skills you Need

The world is changing in unprecedented ways that can feel stressful and challenging. Getting help to navigate these changes can be the kindest thing you do for yourself and each other.

For Individuals
  • Recognize - Limiting patterns and behaviors

  • Heal - Trauma, anxiety and depression

  • Navigate - Challenging times and ease life transitions

  • Become masterful - With money, work and life purpose

  • Experience - Self compassion, forgiveness and peace of mind

For Couples
  • Learn - Relationship skills and tools 

  • Resolve - Issues and undermining relationship patterns  

  • Improve - Communication skills 

  • Rebuild - Broken trust 

  • Deepen - Intimacy and enjoy being together  

  • Discover - Sensuality and sexual pleasure at any age
Insight + Tools and Action + Guidance = Lasting change

 Start your journey today!


“Johanina’s deep insight and skillful approach to helping others to more fully integrate their human experience in powerful ways is both inspiring and much needed in our world.

I could not think of a better person to trust with my innermost journey.”

– Saida Deslettes, Author, Succulence Seminar Leader at World Wide


“Johanina is a superb therapist. We went to her for couples counseling and we both loved her and trusted her. She is very wise and insightful. She helped us see and understand our issues in a much clearer way.

I recommend her highly.”

– Eileen Barker, attorney, mediator. San Rafael, CA


“Johanina may be the only westerner teaching matured pariyanga of madhu oxytocin “orgasm” far beyond the freudian-reichian-barbach paradigm of pleasure. She is a trustworthy and loving light within the world’s sometimes confusing tantra community - guiding many thousands of seekers with her writings, retreats and trainings, all from the heart and with decades of wisdom and practice.”

– Stuart Sovatsky PhD, Author Yoga of Advanced Spiritual Intimacy


“My husband and I have struggled with sex and intimacy issues for much of our 15 year marriage. We have been to a handful of therapists over the years, but none were able to help us. Dr. Johanina Wikoff has helped us identify complex lifetime patterns, and offered helpful remedies for change that allowed us to enjoy sex and each other more.”

– Sandra and Charles, 2014

Create the life and relationships that you want.

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