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Somatic Therapy

Through evolving a therapy process that helps people heal trauma and develop the capacity for pleasure and intimacy we discovered that cognitive therapy and counseling produced greater and lasting results when combined with body-mind healing therapy. It helps people uncover the deep truth of their true nature and with this awareness and clarity, enter their lives and relationships in new and more fulfilling ways.

Body-Mind Healing And Transformational Therapy

This work helps people to heal from trauma, resolve issues and discover the magic, the mystery and the paradoxes that dwell within themselves.

  • Learn to access your feelings more directly

  • Feel more deeply and fully

  • Cultivate a steady knowing and ability to be present to your own truth

  • Express yourself more easily

  • Be capable of greater intimacy

  • Experience greater passion, pleasure and connection

Solving problems and alleviating symptoms are a part of this work, however, its main focus is to further the unfolding of your being so that you may live your life with greater ease, awareness, authenticity, wholeness, freedom, connection and passion.

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