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Sex Therapy & Education

Even as bodies and responsiveness go through changes that impact desire and sexuality, sex becomes more satisfying over time when you stop comparing the sex you have to what you think it should be.

Are you facing issues related to lack of desire, changes in sexual responsiveness, orgasm, and erections?

Your ideals and yes, even your memories of what sex should be get in the way of being present to pleasure and intimate connection. 


Comparing whatever is happening in the present to past experiences definitely gets in the way of sexual fulfillment.


Intimate pleasure doesn’t depend on your age, shape, physical limitations, sexual preferences, or past history.

Intimacy is the key to great sex in long term committed relationships.

Couple in Love

Intimacy and pleasure evolve and change over time. The best sex happens when we are fully present to what is happening right now.

We will show you how to reinvent your love life and enjoy the blissful pleasure of deep sexual intimacy.

You’ll learn to:

  • Communicate easily

  • Deepen intimacy

  • Rediscover desire

  • Have a fulfilling sexual relationship at any age

  • Address sexual style differences

  • Become more orgasmic

  • Be present and embodied

  • Reignite passion

  • Talk about turn on and fantasies

  • Rebuild trust

  • Transform issues related to shame, trauma and abuse

  • Access blissful and ecstatic states

  • Get clear about agreements and boundaries

  • Talk about issues and agreements related to monogamy, and open relationships

The wide range of our research and experience enables us to assist people bridge the span from simply good enough sexual intimacy to extraordinary, sometimes transcendent, deeply connected, intimacy and pleasure.

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