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Financial Freedom Program

What is the Financial Freedom Program?

Through a step-by-step process, the Financial Freedom Program will guide you to a deeper understanding of unconscious beliefs and patterns that create stress, anxiety and fear that can prevent you from creating the life you desire. 

Our Financial Freedom Program will help you:
  • Assess your "money type" and understand the impact it has on your life, your relationships and your finances

  • Learn to understand how your "money type" was formed and what you can do to change it

  • Rid yourself of money anxiety based on false beliefs and unconscious patterns

  • Change how you think and feel about money, so that you can unblock the flow of money into your life

  • Discover how money affects the relationship with your spouse, your children and your work

  • Develop peace of mind through creating a balanced life - personally and financially.


How The Financial Freedom Program works

The Initial Four-Step Core Process

The initial process consists of four steps in which we explore your relationship with money. This process will help you to understand your underlying patterns and behaviors around money. From here, we move forward to see how those patterns are manifested in your life today and how they are impacting you personally and financially.

The Financial Freedom Program is highly experiential and during these sessions you will learn how you are programmed around money in ways that are generally not fully conscious. By the end of the Process, you will have a clear understanding of your core money patterns and their origin and can begin to work on your “Financial Freedom Action Plan.”

We help couples identify and shift common money issues, such as:

  • Two conflicting sets of patterns

  • Unconscious roles assumed

  • Defending previously established positions

  • Unexpressed emotions: anger, resentment

  • Differences in communication styles

  • Clash of values and priorities

  • Issues of control and power

  • Parenting conflicts with children and family

Couples also can be challenged by the following common money traps:

  • Using money as a form of control or manipulation

  • Failure to understand each other’s money fears and triggers

  • Misunderstanding each other’s wants and concerns

  • Unclear agreements about financial priorities

  • Staying in a relationship out of fear of loss or security

  • Procrastinating or withholding pertinent financial information

The 4-step Core Process provides a safe and structured framework to:

  • Get to know each other’s money history and “money types”

  • Talk openly about your money issues, fears and anxieties

  • Make agreements about how to handle money as a couple that works for both of you

  • Don’t buy or withhold your love with money

  • Take responsibility for your own financial well being

  • Deal with money issues as they arise

How can couples benefit from our Financial Freedom Program?

Your key to Financial Freedom!

Our Financial Freedom Program will help you transform your relationship with money and lead a more purposeful and prosperous life. Book a Free Consultation today!

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